Clever, camp, captivating and a little controversial, The Boy, George ticks all the right boxes for a fun and thought-provoking Fringe one-hander.

Written and performed by Patrick Livesey, The Boy, George is the exploration of what might happen if Queen Elizabeth died, the Monarchy is overthrown and a bratty and entitled Prince George refuses to leave the palace.

He’s got a three-phase plan to win back the people and become king, and he is determined to succeed – as long as it’s not too much effort!

Patrick plays George with gusto. He’s funny, sharp and his characterisation of the young Prince is absolutely delightful.

The script is tight, relevant and an interesting insight into what might just happen in the future over the other side of the pond in this age of unrest.

With plenty of jibes about the Windsors, a healthy dose of political satire and a cleverly written script, The Boy, George is a triumph.

If you love the Royals, go and see it. If you hate the Royals, go and see it. If you are indifferent, go and see it.

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4 stars

By Libby Parker