Girls Night presented by Laughing Girl Productions is nothing more than a good excuse to get the girls together, drink cocktails and most importantly – laugh at jokes that completely debunk any theories of ‘penis envy’.

Girls Night serves a real smorgasbord of female comics that change from show to show (meaning you can always expect the unexpected), featuring big names in comedy such as Bev Killick, Nikki Britton, Rose Callaghan, Lauren Bok, Tash York, Jade Fitzgerald, Kimberley Twiner, Nicky Barry, Wendy Torbet and Diana Nguyen (who also hosted our evening).

We laughed, we shared, and we all bonded over a few Tinder tragedies. Girls Night is the perfect platform for comedy one can relate to (if you’re a woman) and if you’re a man seize the moment as educational!

The real drawcard for going and checking out Girls Night at this year’s Adelaide Fringe is the bang for your buck! You get all the best bits of Fringe’s female comedians at $25 a ticket all in the one show. Not to mention a lot of these ladies have their own shows at, so you might just meet someone you’d like to see more of.

Girls Night is playing every night from the 12th till the 16th of March at the Howling Owl. Fortunately, The Howling Owl also happen to serve some of Adelaide’s best cocktails so enjoy yourself before the show at 9:45pm!

Purchase tickets HERE.

4 Stars

By Daisy Sumersford