#FirstWorldWhiteGirls: Spirit Animal is a musical parody of all things ‘white girl’. It tells the story of Tiffany and Madison, two girls in pursuit of wellness and wholeness in world of instacelebrity, organic chai lattes and labiaplasty. Taking us through their journey of ‘finding themselves’, Tiffany and Madison experience love, loss and lemon detox cleanses, all of which is chronicled through original songs. Tiffany and Madison hashtag the hell out of everything, from their breakups, their swabs, and their ‘enlightening’ ashram experiences.

Not only do these girls have great voices, but they are utterly hilarious. The duo maintain their privileged white girl personas effortlessly throughout the show, and keep their audience in stitches during the process. With songs like ‘Flatlay’ and ‘Little Black Babies’, this show is not for the easily offended, but if you like your cabaret a little on the politically incorrect side, then you’ll find Tiffany and Madison’s parodies side-splitting.

This is one Fringe show that you won’t want to end. Engaging from start to finish, it is disappointment when the girls reach the end of the ‘spiritual journey’, because you’ll be left wanting more. Completely relatable in all the wrong ways, #FirstWorldWhiteGirls: Spirit Animal is the surprise hit of the Fringe season.

#FirstWorldWhiteGirls: Spirit Animal is playing at La Boheme until March 16th so get your tickets HERE.

4.5 stars


Rachel Gould