Grab your BFFs, your GBFs … and your factor 50+ SPF because Two Brunettes and A Gay: Bottoms Up! shines bright like the sun delivering a very glitter glam-rock performance.

The bubbly trio (glass of) bring their own unique brand of boîte to this year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival with their ‘CabaGAY’ cocktail act that twists old songs with a bit of campy flair and just a hint of controversy.

Celeste Carbone, Deanna Kangas (two brunettes) and Aaron Collis (a gay) are also all part of the children’s entertainment group ‘The Funkees’. This is mentioned as part of the act and it becomes apparent very quickly that Two Brunettes and A Gay: Bottoms Up! is like an R18+ version of a kids’ show (just add alcohol) – always keeping it campy, fun and in sync.

The point of difference in Two Brunettes and A Gay: Bottoms Up! compared with their previous shows – is the personable approach and sense of intimacy that the trio met the audience with.

Each had their own heartfelt (and often tear-jerking) story to tell, which is quickly followed with a rendition of a song they identify with – or feel poetically expresses their feelings with the story. This adds a breath of depth to a fun (but otherwise quintessential) kooky, cabaret!

Two Brunettes and A Gay: Bottoms Up! is ‘good night out’ kind of show where one can get all their friends together, get boozy and sing (poorly) along to some well-worn favourites with just a dash of sentimentality in the mix – which are all the expectations for any good night out, of course!

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3.5 stars

By Daisy Sumersford