“Here’s a complete deck of Fringe show possibilities. Now, pick a show – any show…”

Sometimes, it’s the random choices that bring you the most joy at Fringe time.

This was proven to be true earlier this week when, instead of sitting around twiddling the thumbs for ninety minutes between shows, my partner and I decided we’d find something else to see to kill the time.

We were at Gluttony already, so that reduced the options somewhat, and tickets to see Charlie Caper – Magical were plucked from the pack.

And what a magical choice it turned out to be!

Caper was the 2009 winner of the TV talent show, Sweden’s Got Talent, and has since toured the world bedazzling audiences with his amazing repertoire of tricks and prestidigitation.

His performance is seamless and slick whilst, but he ensures he comes across as a warm and personable soul – who, in his own words, is not just a little ‘weird and sexy – which is because I am Swedish’.

Most of his tools are easily recognisable – there are packs of cards, balls under cups, scarves and handkerchiefs disappearing and reappearing – but he uses these items in novel and interesting ways. He also uses his own unique devices like his bionic arm and, in one routine, interacting with his his amazingly adroit ‘mini-me’ robot.

The Parlour is small and intimate, which means you can observe the tricks from an arm’s length away, and yet still never manage to see how these astonishing feats are done. In fact, he performs many of these tricks with arms outstretched away from his body, with no sleeves, daring us to catch him out – yet no-one does.

Caper also has mastered the art of performing many tricks simultaneously, so whilst you concentrate on one illusion, he flawlessly performs another. Try and keep an eye on his mischievous bow-tie, for example!


The show goes for an hour, and time passes all too quickly because this genial, highly skilled sorcerer entrances you right from his very first warm-up trick to the very last moment, where he plucks those initially invisible illuminated stars from the heavens.

This previously cynical adult left the Parlour carnival tent reconnected with feelings long-lost, childlike awe – and from the number of overheard comments issuing from my fellow patrons’ lips, I was not the only one who had been so deeply impressed.

Charlie Caper – Magical  is a magnificent experience! Go see it!

P.S. Make sure you have place a five dollar note in your wallet, purse or pocket before you go – it could prove to be a profitable decision!

By: Ken Grady


Rating: 5 stars


Charlie Caper – Magical is being performed at The Parlour at Gluttony at 7:20pm on the following days: Wednesday 19 February – Sunday 23 February; Tuesday 25 February – Sunday 1 March; Tuesday 3 March – Sunday 8 March; Tuesday 10 March – Sunday 15 March. There are also two performances at the Stirling Fringe on Saturday 22 February and Sunday 23 February at 2:15pm

Tickets are available here: Charlie Caper