Having just dropped her new single ‘Sidestep’, CLYPSO is heading for the Grampians Music Festival before dropping into Adelaide Fringe to play at RCC.

With a line up featuring Julia JacklinEcca VandalThese New South WhalesDRMNGNOWELIZABETHMaddy JaneRaave TapesZoe Fox & The Rocket ClocksYergurlMiieshaFeelsPink MatterQuiversPinch PointsGauciThe BuoysSledgehammerGamjee, DJs and more, CLPSO is in good company.

The Sydney-based producer and vocalist, whose sound is a collage of hyperactive beats, grimey basslines and global tropical music culture inspired electronica – or as she describes it, ‘troppo chilli flakes’ is looking forward to seeing the sights of the Victorian music festival.

“I’ve never been to the Grampians region,” she says/ “I always enjoy going to new spots to play so that I can explore at the same time. Smaller, boutique festivals also have an intimate vibe to them as well …and a great line up!”

CLYPSO blends and blurs tongue-in-cheek samples over jungle beats and shiny synth riffs and she jokes she’s a fan of sensible shoes for shows, despite photos to the contrary.

“I said [I’m packing sensible shoes] in my insta caption because the shoes I’m wearing in that picture are like the exact opposite of sensible and comfortable. The heels were super high and I actually fell down the first time I tried standing in them. My go-to tour and show shoes are high top converse or supra. Gives me the freedom to move,” she laughs.

And if you want to see her footwear and stage prowess in Adelaide, you don’t have to wait long, because she’ll be at RCC on March 14.

“I’ve done a couple of shows in Adelaide, some where I’ve had to rush around or leave quickly. I’ve experienced Adelaide airport at 4am twice…” she says. “What else? I went to the Art Gallery of SA last trip. I might squeeze in dinner at Sunny’s. A while back I caught up with Adelaide house hero Motez and he took me there, it was a real vibe.”


CLYPSO’s new single ‘Sidestep’ is smokin’ hot and she says it’s a song to dedicate to someone you are equally hot on.

“I started on it in winter 2019 with that sexy bass line, and the song literally came together from that moment, slowly building the drums and lyrics on that vibe. It’s a song to dedicate to a hot crush, both of you sidestepping and moving in circles, not directly telling the other that you’re into them. And the last words in the chorus are ‘now make a move’. But the song also is about taking chances with anything in life really. Like what’s the worst thing that could happen? Ok rejection… I guess there’s that. Maybe my next song should be about rejection after making a move,” she laughs.

Keep your eye on CLYPSO as she tours around the country, releasing more music and as she puts it, “becoming better all round”.

By Libby Parker