WOMADelaide is kicking off the start of Mad March in Adelaide this weekend, with artists performing from around the world.

As well as those coming from Australia and abroad, the World of Music, Arts and Dance festival features artists from closer to home, such as Stellie.

The indie-pop artist who went from bedroom artist to the big stage practically overnight is thrilled to be part of the WOMADelaide line up and is looking forward to attending the festival for the first time.

“I said the quickest yes of my life! Easiest decision I’ve ever made,” she says of accepting the gig. I’ve never been to WOMAD, I’m ashamed to admit, but I am excited to be playing there. I feel like it’s different to other festivals in the fact that people are very open to new experiences and music that they haven’t really heard before.” 

While she’s only been writing music for about the past two years, Stellie is currently getting plenty of national airplay and is certainly hitting the big time.

“I’ve always been writing poems and all that sort of stuff, but never produced until quite recently. My first gig that I played was supporting Lime Cordiale at Lion Arts Factory. So, it was a pretty big leap from just playing in your bedroom to being on that stage, and then not long after that, it was BIGSOUND,” she says.

And with WOMADelaide coming up, Stellie is hoping to catch some of her favourite artists on the line up and joining the crowds of people discovering new music.

“I think people at WOMAD are more open to wandering around and getting lost within all the acts that are playing. I think that’s what I’m most looking forward to,” she says. “I’d love to see Odette, though. I’ve definitely been a fan of hers for a while, and Kate Miller-Heidke as well would be amazing.”

With her star on the rise, Stellie stops to consider what she would tell a younger version of herself, which is pretty good advice for all young artists starting out.

“Just don’t be afraid to show people your music. That’s something that I struggled with, is actually playing my music to other people. I still find it really tricky. Now I’m showing people my demos, but I just get really self conscious about it because it’s so personal,” she says. “And just keep writing. Always keep writing.”

WOMADelaide gives new artists like Stellie the freedom of sharing their music in a diverse and open environment in front of supportive audiences.

You can catch Stellie on Friday night at 8pm on the Zoo Stage. Grab your tickets HERE.

By Libby Parker, Megan Adrain and Shaela Bogdanovic