Shot in the weeks after fire tore through iconic Kangaroo Island, a new feature documentary is set to show the real stories of the journey so far and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Produced by production company Beyond Content and directed by award-winning Adelaide filmmaker Stephen de Villiers, with cinematography by Benjamin Dowie, Kangaroo Island: Of Fire and Fallout was inspired by a recent trip to the region in the immediate aftermath of the fires.

“We were visiting the island for work and were so moved by the stories and experiences of the locals, that my team and I immediately felt the need to go back to tell a more holistic story and give a nuanced voice to the island and its communities. We were acutely aware of the delicacy of coming over with cameras at a time when the island was dealing with so much, but we managed to gain the trust of a number of inspiring locals and with their blessing, we spent five intense days on the ground filming and will continue to go back to document the recovery of these incredibly brave communities,” Stephen said.

Kangaroo Island: Of Fire and Fallout is a moving and inspiring feature documentary about the people and wildlife of Kangaroo Island in the wake of the devastating 2019-2020 bushfires.

Using an unobtrusive observational style, the film examines the lives of several Kangaroo Island residents who have been directly and indirectly affected by the fires.

“Through the stories we captured and the film’s visuals, our hope is that audiences around the world will gain a sense of the destruction they endured, the anger some of them feel, the emotional toll that it’s taken, and the challenges they now face,” Stephen said. “The film is an emotional rollercoaster, presented as a lyrical, intimate cinematic journey. At times it’s shocking, at times it’s humorous, but overall it leaves us feeling a sense of shared loss, with a stronger sense of inspiration as we witness the support of the broader community and the deep resilience of the locals.”

Capturing a piece of South Australian history as it unfolds, Kangaroo Island: Of Fire and Fallout is currently in post-production and is slated for released in late 2020.

Watch the trailer for Kangaroo Island: Of Fire and Fallout