Marcus Ryan is a skilful raconteur with the ability to take you on a journey; both his literal journey walking the Camino de Santiago but also a little self discovery for him and the audience.

A comedian who walked 1000 kilometres just for something to do, Marcus regales tales of his adventure, of both triumph and tendinitis.

Walk This Qué is funny, heartwarming, engaging and a damned good story.

Marcus engages with the audience, shows us holiday snaps, tells some hilarious jokes, and manages to hold us all in the palm of his hand right through until the end where we realise that not only have we just taken the whole journey with him, but we’ve all learned a little something about ourselves as well.

This is a story you should hear. Whether it’s because you’ve completed the Camino de Santiago, want to complete the Camino de Santiago or have absolutely no intentions of going anywhere near the Camino de Santiago, go along to listen to a professional storyteller do what he does best.

4 stars

By Libby Parker