Adelaide cabaret favourite Amelia Ryan is producing more than just her own award winning entertainment this year as she brings us one of the hottest places to enjoy your Fringe.

The Queens is hosting an incredible line up of theatre, music, cabaret and late night fun times, with a program Amelia has curated and produced.

The Queens is up and running it’s really exciting to have completely reimagined such an old historic space and turn it into a little vibey kind of place to be,” she says. “It looks great, it’s sounding really great, the line-up is wonderful and it’s really wonderful after six months of visually and conceptualising to see it really come to fruition.”

Every artist, director, venue manager and producer in Adelaide has been on tenterhooks about whether the festival will go ahead due to the potential threat of Covid, and Amelia is no exception, but after opening weekend, she’s feeling gratitude and relief.

“I think it was one of those ‘pinch yourself’ moments. On Friday night seeing the audience coming in and Carlotta on stage and Michael on stage, it’s like ‘is this for real that we are here?’ Honestly and I think feeling the anxiety leave our bodies was an indicator of just how tenuous it was,” she says. “It was we’ve really been holding onto a lot of tension based on COVID. Because it could all go [bad], at the drop of a hat, and that was the risk that we took. We knew that going into it and we saw just how quickly things can dissolve with the Melbourne border shutting and we lost Ali McGregor’s shows. We are really at the mercy of a lot of variables that are totally out of our control. It’s been a good 12 months since we’ve had anything like this and there’s a real sense of gratitude, and also relief but also, are we going to get through?”

Playing at four venues across Adelaide, including The Queens, Amelia Ryan has teamed up with the incomparable Libby O’Donovan to bring us Unsung, a celebration of women in music during the 1960s.

Unsung, is such a fun show, it’s a special show, it’s an homage to Australia’s pioneering women of pop and rock and they’re a real seldom celebrated set of women, but these are the women who had the first hits on radio. The first women to have international careers in the ’60s,” Amelia says. “Names like Noeleen Batley, Lynne Randell, Judie Stone, Judy Cannon, Marcie Jones, Patsy Ann Nobel. They’re probably names that the bulk of people who weren’t around in the ’60s don’t know but they really had to break through these stereotypes and social norms to forge a career in entertainment, and so we resurrected their music, their names and their stories but we also have a little comical poke around at what was going on socially at the time and the kind of boundaries and parameters that women had to work with.”

Unsung is playing at Middleback Arts Centre, Woodville Town Hall, The Queens and Victor Harbour Town Hall. Grab your tickets HERE.

Check out the full program for The Queens HERE.