A Slight Exaggeration

Set in a messy bedroom, a young woman details the incredible tales of her journey abroad. There’s romance, art, history, and everything travellers dream of when they set their sights upon an adventure in London. But were things all that peachy?

From emerging local theatre-maker and actor Poppy Mee, comes this introspective piece of theatre that questions why especially in the digital age of shaping our public persona via Instagram feed photos, it’s easy to lose the real you and to be truthful about your experiences, good or bad.

After being questioned by three imposing figures, the young woman is forced to look inward and face her demons head on.

With a minimalist set and a floor space littered with junk you would find on a teenager’s bedroom floor (i.e. dirty laundry and fast food rubbish), A Slight Exaggeration feels almost intrusive, like you’re witnessing someone’s psychologist appointment or visiting someone in a mental health ward.

At times hilarious and at others quite confronting, Mee takes you on an exploration through the depths of her mind to search for answers and clean up the mess she has become.

Mee’s acting chops and storytelling are second to none and she is clearly a local star on the rise. A Slight Exaggeration raises important mental health concerns surrounding the need to appear like you’re doing well or having a great time when really all you want to do is sloth in your apartment eating McDonald’s and watching Kath and Kim. And it’s OK to feel like that sometimes.

An impressive monologue that one could almost call a… Touchdown!

**** ½  Four and a half stars

 A Slight Exaggeration is showing at The Mill, Angas Street until March 19. Get your tickets here.