Adelaide singer and descendant from music royalty Kyan Burns is about to release her second single on the back of the success of her debut in June this year.

‘Guess’ is ready to drop on November 6 and follows on the back of the success of ‘So I’m Telling You’, which landed in June this year.

The granddaughter of Hillbilly and yodelling superstar Zeta Burns, who is one of the last big top vaudeville performers still singing at 93 years old, Kyan Burns has continued the singing dynasty, just without the yodel.

And by overcoming adversity and pushing through trauma, Kyan is coming into her own on the music stage with a newfound confidence and some stellar original music to match.

“I started singing at 15 years old and started working professionally as a singer from the age of 19 and was writing and recording my own songs with my singing teacher,” she says. “Unfortunately, that wasn’t a great experience for me as he displayed some predatory behaviour which prevented me from doing anything with these songs and I stopped writing and ventured into the cover scene.”

After nearly two decades playing covers with some of Adelaide’s finest musicians, Kyan is ready to take the plunge into her own space and ‘Guess’ is the next step in that journey.

“’Guess’ is a cheeky rock song and I feel like it really tells a story of where I am in my life right now. It’s about being free to express who I am. It’s a catchy tune that I think listeners will love,” the SA Music Awards 2021 finalist says.

Check out the video for ‘Guess’ directed by award winning filmmaker Gareth Wilkes:

Featuring chunky riffs, retro Hammond organ and smoky, sultry blues of Kyan’s vocals, ‘Guess’ will transport you to dive bars and highways; road-tripping through time to a place where music was hefty, dirty and real.

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