Sewer Rat Girl is the story of a rat-human hybrid who has left her disappointing life above ground behind her to live in the sewer.

With her best friend Sreg she takes audiences on a journey through her past, invites them to her fake funeral, battles her depression live, and schemes ways to turn all of humanity into rats like her.

Using physical comedy and a unique concept, Sewer Rat Girl is a hilarious and high-octane show about radical self love and accepting your inner sewer rat.

Making their debut at Adelaide Fringe, Siobhan Gibbs (Sewer Rat Girl) and Esther Dougherty (Sreg) are touring the show from Meanjin/Brisbane.

“This is our first time at Adelaide Fringe,” Siobhan says. “We are both super excited to meet new audiences and discover this artist’s wonderland.”

Playing from 8th to the 19th of March at My Lover Cindi, Sewer Rat Girl is an ode to the messy business of leaving your small town dreams in the toilet to pursue a more likely future – life in the sewer!

The show leads audiences down into Rat Girl’s stinky underworld home to teach them her survival tips, share some stories of her miserable life above ground, and make them groan at as much toilet humour as you can poke a stick at.

“Be prepared for the filthiest and funniest night of your life!” Siobhan laughs. “This show speaks to all of our experiences of insecurity and doubt. Wanting to escape reality and construct a new one where you’re the star is something we’ve all fantasised about. The only people who won’t like this show are people who hate a good time.”

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