Veterans of Adelaide Fringe, Head First Acrobats, are tumbling back into town to get Greeced.

A hedonistic dive head-first into the lives of the ancient gods of Olympus, Godz, is playing across the festival at the Garden of Unearthly Delights.

Director and Performer Head First Acrobats Thomas Gorham is looking forward to getting mythical for this adults only circus.

“The show follows Cupid (the god of love), Hercules (the god of strength) and Dionysus (the god of wine) as they paint the scene of Ancient Greece and bring you to the biggest party to hit Mount Olympus since 500 BCE,” he says.

Godz is performed by four male acrobats, all graduates of the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA), from Melbourne. We come from varying backgrounds, from street performing, breakdancing, gymnastics and diving, to lifelong circus training.”

GODZ boasts bare chests, hilarious antics and high-energy, gravity defying acrobatic stunts and slapstick comedy.

But the award-winning entertainment company who brought us Elixir and Railed have a warning for us with this show.

“Please don’t bring kids to this one,” Thomas says. “Adults will love this show, unless you don’t like comedy, don’t like acrobatics, and don’t like any nudity.”

GODZ opens on February 18 and shows throughout Adelaide Fringe. Grab your tickets HERE.