In a world damaged by COVID-19 enough despair and social isolation has taken place that we now find ourselves all clamouring for the finishing line!

Maho Magic Bar allows the collective consciousness to rejoice in some much needed joy, magic, whimsy and freedom!

Whilst visiting Maho Magic Bar you will be transported to an enchanted cocktail style lounge tucked away beneath the Cherry Blossom tree. This mix of Japanese style hospitality and cultural appreciation of Majikku (add 1 shot Sake) creates the perfect Fringe Festival cocktail to meet all your COVID-19 antidote cravings.

Are there moments that are a bit cheesy? Sure! Does it occasionally feel like your at a themed diner? Absolutely! Does it matter? Not at all.

The point of Maho Magic Bar is to allow yourself to break free from the Muggle world and temporarily escape the rigmarole of unenchanted human existence. Whilst magic or ‘Maho’ in Japanese remains at the forefront of the experience – your also encouraged to laugh, be silly and drink plenty of overpriced drinks!

Fortunately, you get to endure a whole plethora of magical experiences as each sub-group is sat in various parts of the venue in separate ‘bars’ in which the magicians circulate. Each magician does an approximate 10 minute show before the next.

There’s also an opportunity to not only order drinks via a QR code but to also order ‘tricks’ that are performed to the collective. I don’t want to give too much away but I would encourage ordering the ‘Panda’.

Yes, drinks are slightly over-priced, fiddly to organise and could use a little more Irish-ing up but all in all the ‘cocktail’ experience as part of the show as a whole is kitschy, fun and a welcomed point of difference from others Fringe shows. I will say though, they NEED to invest in swivel chairs!

Maho Magic Bar would be a good show for a first date or as a group booking! 2022 could use a sprinkling of Magic and you can find it at Maho Magic Bar in The Garden of Unearthly Delights at this years Adelaide Fringe Festival!

3.5 stars!