The Marvellous Elephant Man

Described as The Book of Mormon meets Beauty and the Beast, this year’s Fringe will see the arrival of a gripping tale of love, connection and the human condition in The Marvellous Elephant Man.

The drama-filled musical will be brought to life in The Wonderland Spiegeltent by musical theatre heavyweights Kanen Brown (Opera Australia / Willy Wonka) and Ben Clark (Phantom of the Opera / Ten Tennors) alongside bright new stars Annalise Hall and Ellie Macyntire (Friends The Musical Parody) and co-writer Marc Luchessi, (front man of the internationally acclaimed Vaudeville Smash).

The Marvellous Elephant Man follows the story of Joseph Merrick, better known as the Elephant Man.

An outcast, Joseph survived circus ‘freak shows’ and the revulsion of a gawking public for years until a young doctor offered him asylum at the London Hospital in 1879.

A journey of self realisation, the Elephant Man transforms from humble side show freak to the toast of high society and unlikely hero when forced to face his greatest fears to rescue his one true love.

Exploding onto the scene with a world premiere at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2022, this modern day fairy tale received rave reviews from media and critics.

Promising an evening of tears and joy The Marvellous Elephant Man rides the highs and lows of a truly unique story that intersects struggle, perseverance and kindness in a head-on collision; resulting in gut-wrenching laughter before slapping you on the wrist for finding humour in such darkness.

Featuring the exceptional talents of Julliard-trained ex-New York musical theatre composers Jayan and Sarah Nandogoapn, Oscar-winning sound designer Wayne Pashley, Olivier award-winning west end director Guy Masterson, and Melbourne’s based award-winning film director Chris Mitchell, this collaboration is set to be a must-see event for any music or theatre enthusiast.

The Marvellous Elephant Man will run at The Wonderland Spiegeltent at Adelaide Fringe from 21 February to March 14

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Photo: Paul Scott Photography