FRINGE FESTIVAL 2023: SILENCE ! – Elder Park / Tarntanya, King William Rd, Adelaide, Kaurna Country

SILENCE ! Speaks volumes.

What was once a reasonably mysterious introduction to Adelaide Fringe Festival 2023 full of intrigue and anonymity SILENCE !– has now spoken.

We had absolutely no idea what to expect from SILENCE ! other than a few ambiguous Instagram reels and a romantic and powerful profile boasting,

A 3-day event that features a live music program headlined by a globally acclaimed headline act – SILENCE ! – a massive pyrotechnic, fireworks and percussion spectacle by French performance artists, Les Commandos Percu – alongside great Australian music performers, roving entertainment and a curated food and beverage precinct.

SILENCE ! will be the most explosive, eye-popping spectacle this season attracting thousands of people to the centre of the city to mark the launch of our favourite season. With great food and drinks available on-site SILENCE ! will be THE perfect evening out for people of all ages
” (SILENCE ! | Adelaide Fringe).

Upon arrival we positioned ourselves on the inviting grass (bring a picnic rug with you) underneath the warm sun and began thinking we were being blessed with Music Festival energy on a beer budget (only with the added sophistication and prestige of The Adelaide Fringe Festival).

Unfortunately, however, we were very wrong! SILENCE ! is something so, so much greater!

One simply cannot prepare themselves for what SILENCE ! has to offer. Even as I contemplated how to write this review and what I could say I knew that written word could never do it justice.

A more predictable statement would be, “The best show you’ll see at this years Adelaide Fringe Festival”, however, I am somewhat eager to tell you that this might just be the BEST show you will EVER see in whichever context it is presented.

Word of mouth is a powerful thing and SILENCE ! will not stay silent for long.

Hurry! There are only two nights of SILENCE ! left (Saturday 18th of Feb – Sunday19thof Feb)

5 beautiful and bright stars exploding in the night sky!

SILENCE ! nightly schedule at Tarntanya / Elder Park, Adelaide: 

5:30 PM – Gates Open

6.00 PM – Live Music Program


10.30 PM – Show ends