Adelaide Fringe Review: 27 Club, Gluttony, 2023

Returning to the Adelaide Fringe Stage for another year, Sarah McLeod, Kevin Mitchell, Carla Lippis and Dusty Lee Stephensen and his band, The Wanderers, appear to have have lost none of the power and passion that saw them awarded with the ‘Best Music Act’ award at the 2021 Fringe.

Featuring the music of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana and Amy Winehouse, the show is a fast paced tribute to this talented group whose talent was taken away from the world far too soon.

The quartet of singers all have their moments in the spotlight and the constant interchange of vocal combinations allows for plenty of musical light and shade in the show.

Dusty Stephensen kicked off proceedings with his enthusiastic interpretation of ‘Purple Haze’ which set the bar high for those who followed. He can certainly play, and his band The Wanderers are rock solid in support.

Kevin Mitchell provided the necessary manic raw energy to do justice to a selection of Nirvana anthems, but also let his Bob Evans alter ego’s quieter pop sensibility out at other times.

The fierce and powerful voice of Carla Lippis was a highlight of the show whether she be singing highlights from Hendrix’s canon, or more contemporary fare like Amy Winehouse’s ‘Rehab’.

Sarah McLeod came on stage wearing a moon boot and through caution to the wind and risking further foot damage as she threw herself into Janis Joplins ‘Cry Baby’ with her usual gusto and full commitment to the song.

Whilst the selection of which ‘club members’ they pay tribute to is very predictable and the subsequent song choices were limited to the better known numbers in the catalogues of these artists, each song was delivered with love and respect and this was clearly communicated to the crowd who gave the performers a deserved standing ovation at the end of the set.

A top class show, which you should check out if you are a ‘classic rock’ fan.

Rating: 4 1/2 stars

The 27 Club is performed at The Fantail, Gluttony Tuesday through to Sunday each week until March 5.

Information and tickets available here: 27 Club