Completely Improvised Shakespeare brings hilarious unpredictability to Adelaide Fringe

The troupe that has been bringing us totally improvised Bard for years is heading back to Adelaide Fringe for the same chaos and high art.

Playing at Ayers House for four nights only (15-18 March), this fast-paced, action-packed show will cement your love for Shakespeare or cure your hatred of year ten Romeo and Juliet study.

Ryan Patterson of Melbourne theatre company Soothplayers says anything can happen in these shows directed entirely by the audience.

Completely Improvised Shakespeare is what the title suggests. We improvise a complete play that could have been a Shakespeare play (but wasn’t) using the suggestion of a title from an inspired audience member,” he says. “We really have no idea what will happen, it could be a comedy, tragedy or even a very-non-factual history play. As a company we love to create plays that elicit as many gasps as laughs. The plays are fast, funny and sometimes brutal.”

The troupe has been performing the show since 2015 and have performed 200 original plays and you have to see it to believe it!

“Many audience members cannot believe that the plays are improvised, the remedy for that is seeing the show more than once, every time is different,” Ryan says.

And even if you’re not a fan of Shakespeare or you had it forced upon you in high school, Completely Improvised Shakespeare is here to help.

“Shakespeare is polarising, thankfully our show isn’t. Completely Improvised Shakespeare is for everybody. Even the humans who spent their time in Year 10 English classes wishing they could be anywhere else will love this show. People who love word-play and double entendres will fall in love with this show. Despite the illusion of being high-brow we delight in our brows being quite low,” Ryan says.

With a limited season, this show that has had rave reviews will sell fast, so grab your tickets from Fringetix.

Photo by Theresa Harrison