Adelaide Fringe Review: Party Ghost – GOUD, 2023

It takes a lot of brilliance to come up with something that stupid!

Party Ghost was such a charismatic delight that I simply cannot remove the grin from my face.

I quite literally ran home just to write this review! This is exactly what Adelaide Fringe Festival is about. Party Ghost pays homage to what is quintessential Fringe and ads to the historical value of what this festival means!

Please keep in mind that the very first “Fringe” festival came about back in the 1960’s (groovy baby), when a few artists decided to stage their own events in response to the exclusion of many local and smaller-scale artists from the curated Adelaide Festival of Arts

Bringing us back to Adelaide Fringe 2023 we now see larger scale production numbers such as MANSION, The Party, Rouge etc… all of which I have also reviewed.

Shows that are currently going for up to $130 a pop for ‘VIP’ tickets…

Now, please don’t get me wrong – some of these shows are also excellent however, Party Ghost embodies what our blessed and beloved Fringe Festival is here to do!

Party Ghost showcases warmth, sincerity, modesty, humour, silliness, and absolute delight!

This show is what it’s like to watch a simple piece of plain white paper be transformed into a beautiful crane through the Japanese art of Origami.

Party Ghost transforms an elementary concept into something magical right before your very eyes!

This show is beyond silly but still holds space for plenty of wit and pizzazz as you join its cast in a fun game of peek-a-boo!

Party Ghost says sayonara to Adelaide Fringe Festival as of this Sunday March 5th so please, please go and see it before it says Boo!

I could not recommend this show highly enough! I rate Party Ghost superior to the higher production shows this year because you’re not only getting more Boo-for your buck you’re also getting to pay your respects to what is historically Fringe. Party Ghost belongs to Adelaide Fringe Festival, and it makes so much goddamn sense to see. Casper could never!

Please go and see this show because you too deserve to feel the absolute joy that I am feeling.

Party Ghost my darlings…PLEASE come back and join us for Fringe 2024 and save a cucumber and butter sandwich for me!

Life is hard and the world is crazy right now. Party Ghost reminds us to laugh!

5 stars.

Buy your tickets here: Party Ghost | Adelaide Fringe