Meet you at Midnight at the Blue Star for CabFringe

An exciting 10 days is upon us for CabFringe 2023 and the offerings are delicious!

One show to tantalise your cabaret tastebuds is Midnight at the Blue Star playing at Star Theatres on Friday 2 and Sunday 4 June.

Presented by Dragonfly Dance Company, the show promises to lure you into a mesmerising world of glamour and decadence, where the sounds jazz and swing fill the air and the only thing on everyone’s mind is having a good time.

“It is a dance theatre show that aims to immerse the audience in a nightclub in the 1940s,” Director Jo McDonald says. “The show is two-layered. The surface level layer is the dance performance: the floor show. The deeper layer is an insight beneath the surface into the lives of the women who dance in the club. We wanted to create an immersive experience where the audience feels like they are patrons in a 1940s jazz club, but also get to witness the inner lives of the dancers through the vignettes.

Created as a collaboration between five choreographers, Midnight at the Blue Star is a mix of jazz, tap and swing dance, and an affectionate nod to the films of the 1940s.

“Contemporary dance techniques and film noir style voiceover tell the story of characters and events from the era,” Jo says. “We were inspired by the likes of Nancy Wake, a New Zealand/Australian woman who was instrumental in helping people escape occupied France and was the Gestapo’s most wanted, known as ‘The White Mouse.’ We also pay tribute to The Garage Girls who were a group of female codebreakers who worked at Bletchley Park.”

Lovers of dance and music, grab your tickets now to this sultry dance spectacular with important themes and celebration of the women who changed the world.

“We hope members of the swing community come along!” Jo says. “The music is a lot of fun, and even for those who don’t usually enjoy watching dance, they’ll be tapping their toes, and hopefully dancing with us. Oh, and there is a roller skating dance as well! The 40s was also the golden age of roller skating,”

Grab your tickets to Midnight at the Blue Star HERE.