CabFringe Review: She Shanties, Howling Owl 2023

A fully improvised show about a crew of unruly sailors on the high seas, She Shanties is the latest offering from Alex and the Babes, Adelaide’s only all-female improv troupe.

It’s musical, it’s comedy, it’s beautifully unpredictable chaos, and I loved it!

Using audience suggestions to kick off the narrative, these skilled performers take any offer – the more weird and wonderful the better – and are ready to entertain us in an ‘anything could and does happen’ situation.

The dialogue is improvised, the shanties are spontaneous and the entire evening is a delightfully silly singalong story set at sea.

These women have razor-sharp wit, top-notch performance skills, and the ability to bring the story back when it gets hilariously off-track, which it does, often, but that’s the beauty of improv.

The most important thing with improv is, though, that the audience feels like they’re in good hands and safe in the knowledge that even if the story becomes a shambles, the players will find their way out and take us to a satisfying conclusion, which you can rest assured is guaranteed with Alex and her babes.

The energy and chemistry in this troupe is palpable; they clearly trust one another onstage and they are listening to every quip, twist, turn and track, responding to each other and finding clever ways to include the whole team’s ideas and offers in the story.

Due to the spontaneous nature of improv, each show is different so you can go every night and see something different.

Grab your tickets and hit the high seas to catch these improv superstars in their element.

4.5 stars