Bombshell from director Jay Rouch, is a biographical drama following the story of the downfall of Fox News founder Roger Ailes after sexual allegations were filed against him. Whilst not the first on screen adaptation of this story, Bombshell puts its women to the front, driving the narrative and delving into the complexities of being a woman in a visual medium dominated by men where part of the job description is selling yourself and proving your loyalty to the man.

XXX Neon Sign is the inaugural show for the newly established Rumpus Theatre collective of Bowden in the repurposed space previously occupied by Fontanelle Gallery on Sixth Street. South Australian composer Dan Thorpe, with a growing reputation for experimental nous, cuts an isolated figure at the piano as he navigates Australian poet James Andre’s work of the same title, illuminating Andre’s personal recollections of working in a porno store in Brisbane.

Rocketman does nothing short of strap you in and send you deep into the life of Elton John on his rise to fame, the fantastical, bejewelled, colourful, explosion of chaos that it is… You walk into this film expecting to see the music and the career that made the legend, but what you’re gifted is the beautifully raw Reginald Kenneth Dwight, learning that the only love he ever needed to want was his own. Rocketman is a cinematic musical masterpiece and a heart-warming ode to selflove.