Nona Mona returns to Fringe with Hot Spinster

On the back of the success of her award-winning debut Adelaide Fringe show, Nona Mona: Hot Mess, Nona returns with the sequel to her life thus far with Nona Mona: Hot Spinster.

Left on the shelf at 36-years-old, Nona is a spinster, thornback, old maid… with a disposable income, the whole bed to herself; and cats and plants make the best company anyway!

Hot Spinster is the hilarious second chapter of Nona’s life in a traditional, Romanian family from Salisbury and what it’s like to reject social and cultural norms by being an unmarried, childless, thirty-something comedian.

“Essentially, the show is just a diary of a crazy cat lady!” Nona laughs. “But, it’s also heartfelt and sprinkled with the right amount of humour to make loneliness seem funny.”

The one-hour, one-woman comedy show includes stand-up, sketch comedy and clowning, and is the perfect night out with friends, especially the spinsters.

“If you’re the cool rich aunty, you’ll froth,” she says. “But why not book your sister a babysitter and bring her along too! The show is perfect for a girl’s night out. But you know what, bring the lads out too. Who doesn’t like a wine and a laugh? It’s going to be a hoot and I’m genuinely so excited to perform for all my hot spinsters!”

Featuring Nona’s signature brand of sharp, sassy comedy that is NSFW, the show also has a serious side embedded (deeply embedded under layers of jokes, she reckons), about the pressure to be partnered versus the isolation of being alone.

“I think at the core of my show is the really important topic of loneliness in society. We’re more connected than ever, and surrounded by people,” she says. “But I think more than ever, we’re experiencing feelings of loneliness. We’re constantly comparing ourselves to what we see others doing on social media and forget that we’re all on our own correct journeys.”

Nona Mona: Hot Spinster will play at The Bally at Gluttony from Friday 17 Feb to Sunday 5 March (excluding Mondays).

Her last show sold out, so grab your tickets fast! BOOK HERE.