The Beep Test is racing into Adelaide Fringe

If you hated the beep test as much as most kids in high school, you’re going to love this new musical and if you loved the beep test, you are also going to love it.

Coming over from Melbourne and playing at Holden Street Theatres, Neylon & Peele bring us a celebration of the infamous fitness test accompanied by some middle school politics in The Beep Test.

“This is a hilarious Australian musical based on the dreaded running test so many Australians had to take in high school! 60mins of classic comedy, sharp dialogue, singing, dancing, far too much running and 2000s nostalgic references to all things zooper doopers, PE classes and cutting in line at the school canteen!” Jackson Peele says.

Featuring the star-studded crew from the award-winning Melbourne Fringe Season (Best Performance Ensemble, 2022), the musical follows four determined students and one far too enthusiastic PE Teacher as they compete for the number one place, whatever the cost!

“The team is almost entirely filled with star performers from VCA or WAAPA,” Jackson says. “Lachie Hewson plays the jaded PE Teacher SIR and you may have seen his face on the TV for some serious BBQ commercials (very on brand!). Some of the team members passed a giant billboard of his mug on the way to the airport.

“Our two lead rivals of the Beep test Zach and Jane are played by Josh Reckless and Sara Reed who have both been in multiple professional main-stage musicals. Jack Keen who plays Cooper has his fourth production playing the role in Adelaide, and also has some horribly great memories of doing the Beep Test in high school. For myself and my writing partner Conor Neylon, this is the fourth musical we have written and have been such a blast to rehearse, rewrite and re-stage and we are super excited to bring to Adelaide for it’s SA debut.”

And the Adelaide premiere is getting the team’s pulse racing even more than the beep test itself!

“I’ve never done Adelaide Fringe before and I am so excited!” Jackson says. “We’ve done Perth Fringe a few times and had the best time. Apparently Adelaide is just a level up. Having that sense of community and excitement for new work, collaboration and just a lot of love and support for the arts in the air really is so invigorating. I’m looking forward to having more people see this show and also getting to as many other shows as I possibly can.”

The Beep Test is playing from 17 February until 5 March and is set to be an absolute riot.

“The concept itself is ridiculous. The idea of making this running test a dramatic, intense, ridiculous, comedic musical is truly unique conceptually. The show is also special because of the recognition so many of us have for The Beep Test. The characters onstage are like the people we knew who did the test: there’s people trying to win, people trying not to be last for fear of social isolation and/or embarrassment, there’s a teacher who’s way too invested!” Jackson laughs.

“Combine these characters and situations of awkward adolescence with singing, dancing and some fantastic singing and the show’s a ridiculously fun time! For me, it’s the characters and their relationships with each other that really brings this goofy, fun musical to another level; a level which, for me, is quite special and can be enjoyed and appreciated by anyone!”

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