Women in the Spotlight: Artists Tackling Feminism this Adelaide Fringe

They say art imitates life, and with feminist ideals and values having made their way to the mainstream, it’s no wonder we’re seeing many artists creating work that celebrates these feminist values.

It’s for this reason Adelaide cabaret artist, Millicent Sarre, saw an opportunity to promote women-oriented work this Adelaide Fringe.

“There are so many of us making work that is thematically feminist in nature, or which promotes visibility for women and people of marginalised genders, so it seemed like a wonderful opportunity to work together,” she says.

Putting an online call out to Adelaide Fringe artists, Millicent swiftly received interest from more than 40 shows.

These have now been collated into an extensive online database, detailing the shows championing female and genderqueer artists and feminist themes at Adelaide Fringe 2023.

The list not only includes Adelaide Fringe favourites, boasting the likes of Tash York, Paulini & Prinnie Stevens, Erin Fowler, Highwire Entertainment’s The Defiant and Sarre’s solo show Opinionated, but is also bursting with emerging talent, including exciting new comedy duo The Coconuts and ‘Best Emerging Artist’ of 2022, Charlee Watt.

On what she hoped to achieve with the initiative, Millicent says: “There’s strength in numbers, so I wanted launch a cross-promotional effort that highlighted all of these shows celebrating strong women.

“Our work will attract similar audiences, so it’s wonderful for those of us involved to be able to increase our reach, and for audiences who are interested in feminist and women-centric work to discover new shows that will be right up their alley.”

Ultimately, it’s underpinned by a sense of camaraderie and the ethos of women supporting women.

“Something I talk a lot about in my work is the way women and girls learn to see other women as a threat, as our competition, so we’re intentionally going against that and banding together,” she says. “We’re stronger when we work together”.

The full list of artists included in the initiative can be found HERE.

Millicent Sarre’s award-winning solo show Millicent Sarre is Opinionated is playing at The Virago at Gluttony, 17th February – 5 March (no shows Mondays).

Tickets $25-37 HERE