Comedian Jacob Jackman takes the piss at Adelaide Fringe

With a brand new show, Soup of the Day (Fool for a Lifetime), 2019 Raw Comedy finalist Jacob Jackman brings the definitely real comedian Jerry Pissfeld to life.

Set to play at the brand new Prompt Creative Centre in February, the absurdist, sketch comedy show explores the dichotomy of success and failure, as well as the life of times of Pissfeld.

“This is the stupidest thing I’ve done in a long line of stupid things,” Jacob says. “Pissfeld started as a series of online comic strips. Each strip is a loose parody of Seinfeld revolving around piss. The comic gradually devolves into madness. It’s an exercise in extending the dumbest possible joke to new conceptual heights.

“It’s part sketch comedy, part stand-up and it follows the overly-ambitious creative endeavours of Jacob Jackman, while he tries to present the biopic of fictional comedian Jerry Pissfeld, a crude, abstract parody of dated, stand-up comedians.”

During the one hour special, Pissfeld, once the world’s foremost piss-based observational comedian, struggles to adapt to a changing cultural and political climate, finding himself at a spiritual crossroads.

“I’m excited to expand the Pissfeld mythos with this show,” Jacob says. “We live in a world where the nature of fame is fickler than ever, and the self-importance of irrelevant men seems to dominate seems to dominate the discourse. I’m trying to get in on that.

“It’s surreal absurdism at its finest. It builds upon a simple joke, adding layer after layer, in increasing ridiculousness. It’s a farce with an underlying social commentary on fame and success.”

Fans of absurdist comedy will love Soup Of The Day (Fool For a Lifetime), which is running 17-19 and 21-22 of February at Prompt Creative Centre, so grab your tickets HERE